Monday, June 12, 2006

.here is a drawing of me my mom and my brother mai 2006
,boy do i love them .

.here is my GHOSt friend ,NINA VIVILL,visiting her father at the dentist .

. here is inner childs confession of hold backs and fearings, his ears are scrambled because he can not lissen to his boddy growing down in to the ground and his soul reverberating . the mind is a bad place to hide , insider Boy .
. here is a sketch of two new characters ,TIFFANIED AND SKELLATISS,as they visit parts of the translussent parts palmaras .. incre-ible .
.here we go aagain , with the self portraits..some timess it's the only way to see what is going on in the trans[parent] worldss around us , in this metro drawing i put some Reiki simboles ,as i use for grounding myself and keep my vibratory levels stabalised ... thanks for caring . Eric Bond